Dress Code

Parents and Students, please review the 2018- 2019 Dress Code Policy.

Dress Code
Throughout life, many responsibilities dictate appropriate attire and appearance. Clothing that may be appropriate in one environment may not be appropriate in another. Clothing at school must be considered clean, not disruptive to the educational process, and should promote a positive school culture. Clothing that is considered to be indecent, suggestive, or inappropriate for school activities will not be permitted. Administration reserves the right to make the final judgment about the appropriateness of a student’s attire and may pre-approve exceptions for spirit days. Guidelines for appropriate dress include:
  1. Shorts, skirts, and dresses should be appropriate in length. When standing straight with arms flat to the side, the student’s longest finger should still be touching fabric. Slits in skirts and dresses must also not extend higher than this measure.
  2. Clothing that is torn excessively or torn in inappropriate locations (above fingertip length) is not permitted.
  3. Shirts should not be low-cut. To see if your top is too low-cut: Lay the palm of your hand on the center of your upper chest with fingers together so that the index finger is at the base of the collar bone. If the shirt falls below your pinky finger, it is considered too low-cut to wear to school. Shirts that repeatedly slide back into the “too low” position are also not allowed.
  4. Exposed shoulders, backs, sides, or midriffs (stomachs) are not allowed at any time. Tops should be long enough to tuck in and still permit normal movement. Spaghetti strap tops, tube tops, and tank tops are not permitted. Shirts must not be see-through. Bra straps and other undergarments should not be visible.
  5. Head coverings of any kind (hats, hoods, berets, scarves, etc.) are not permitted. Exception: headgear for religious purposes or approved health reasons. Hats may not be carried or clipped to pants and are to be left in lockers.
  6. Pants have waistlines that must be worn at waist level. Sagging pants are inappropriate.
  7. Clothing that has pictures and/or writing that alludes to or has double meanings that relates to drugs, alcohol, sex, or tobacco OR is vulgar, crude, suggestive, indecent, or otherwise offensive as determined by administration is not permitted. Tattoos that fall into this category shall be covered. Displaying the rebel flag is not permitted.
  8. Sunglasses are not to be worn inside the building.
  9. Bulky coats are to be stored in lockers. Blankets are not appropriate in school.
  10. Large purses and book bags (large enough to fit a full-size textbook) are not permitted in classrooms or the cafeteria unless they are mesh or clear (able to see inside).
  11. Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.
  12. Pajamas or items clearly related to sleepwear are not permitted.
  13. Accessories that are a potential safety issue (including spikes or heavy chains) are not permitted.


Students wearing inappropriate clothing will be required to change.  Refusal or inability to change will result in ISS or OSS.  Any sports uniforms or activity outfits worn during the school day must be in compliance with the dress code.  Administration may announce exceptions during spirit weeks and special events. Repeated violations of the dress code may result in detentions, additional time in ISS and/or OSS.

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