Staff List

Anderson, Laurie EXT email Para
Babb, Lisa  7217  Clinic Nurse
Bennett, Chris 7254 A209 Teacher
Bischoff, Dave 7237 A233 Teacher
Boettcher, Cindy 7289 A118 Teacher
Booher, Kyle 7251 A221  Teacher
Bowen, Sarah  7258   A116 Para
Brinker, Joseph 7244 Office Dean of Students
Brockhaus, Mackenzie 7258 A116 Teacher
Buchanan, Heather 7207 Front desk Para
Burris, Mike 7287 D106 Teacher
Cafeteria-Swygart 7216 Cafeteria Manager
Caffee, Todd 7238 Band-C115 Teacher
Carpenter, Carolyn 7291  A108 Teacher
Cashman, Rachel 7280  A119 Check and Connect
Christensen, Becky  7202 Office  Asst. principal
Clugston, Jessica 7283 D104 Teacher
Collins, Dawn 7231 A120 Para
Conference Room  7296 office    
Conroy, Paul 7269 A225 Teacher
Cordray, Michelle 7204 Ath Secretary Secretary
Custodian-Nelson 7215 Cust Area Custodian rodnelson
Davis, Desmon   Gym Teacher
Dawson, Thom 7282 A123 Teacher
DeCamp, Michelle 7290 Library Inst. Coach
Dodane, Holly 7250 A109 Teacher
Faurote, Jessica 7262 A230 Teacher
Fennell, Pamela 7240 A226 Teacher
Garretson, Adam 7256 A227 Teacher
Gepfert, Jana 7208 Office Pathway Director
Gross, Ronda 7272 A214 Teacher
Grubaugh, Josh 7222 A216 Teacher
Hansen, Michelle 7294 A121 Teacher
Harris, Jessica 7224 A118 Teacher
Hauke, Ann 7291 A121 El Para
Henning, Ashley  7265 A220 Teacher
Hissong, Colton  7275 A234 Teacher
Hockemeyer, Todd  7255  A218 Teacher
Hoffman, Lora 7259 A102 Teacher
Hoffman, Paul email
tech coach
Housholder, Sarah  7247 A126 Teacher
Howard, Freta 7218 Ice Office Teacher
Humphrey, Kay 7263 A222 Teacher
Ibrahim, Rabia 7246 A206 Teacher
Johnson, Rubee 7257 A208 Teacher
Jordan, Michelle  7205 Office Bookkeeper
Keefe, Cara 7232 D108 Art Teacher
Kraner, Tina 7241 A109 Para
Lesch, Maria 7226 A212 Teacher
Linn, Jimmy 7228 Gym Teacher
Lomont Vicky 7291 A108 Teacher
Lorenzini, AJ  7252 A106 Teacher
Lounge-Staff 7227 Lunch Room
Mann, Lisa 7225 A207 Teacher
Medsker, Deb 7236 A228 Teacher
Mosley, Sherry  7224 A121 Teacher
Moe, July  email A121
Moord, Zach 7293  Office SRO zmoord@eacs,
Moyer, Adam 7220 C104 Teacher
Murphy, Anna  7201 Office Principal
Nash, Mark 7267 A118 Teacher
Neri, Lu 7281 A122 Teacher
Nurse   7217 Clinic Nurse  
O'Donoghue,Maureen 7209 Dir Counselor H-M
Patterson, Kyle  7219 Guidance Counselor A-G
Paulsen, Lori 7212 Attend Para
Phommachanh, Mike 3132
Reynolds, Bob 7271  A125 Teacher
Roberts, Devon      Jag
Ross, Andrew 7248 A230 Teacher
Rouse, Patty 7284 A214 Teacher
Rowan, Kevin 7230 Gym Teacher
Scheumann, Mindy 7231 A120 Teacher
Schlatter, Judy 7241 A109 Para
Scott, Ina 7233 Library Communications
Simons, Tom 7282 A127 Teacher
Singer, Kurt (Thomas) 7261 D103 Teacher
Smith, Sara  7211 Guidance Secretary
Snyder, Nate 7268 A229 Teacher
Stemmler, Larry  7249 A124 Teacher
Stinson, David 7213 Office Asst. Principal
Stuck, Gabe    A200 Teacher
Sweger, Lisa email    Special Services
Troyer, Jeanetta 7217 Clinic Nurse
Turner, Kelly 7258 A114 Para
Wagner, Andrew 7203 Ath Office AD/ AP
Wallace, Barb 7289   Para
Wallace, Jenni 7214 Guidance Counselor N-Z
Wallace, Aaron     Library Credit Recovery
Wallace, Terri 7221 Library Librarian
Weaver, Daniel 7270  A235 Teacher
Weller, Bernadette 7234 D105 Teacher
White, Erin 7266 A211 Teacher
Wiedder, Molly  7243 A208 Teacher
Wiley, Deb  7258  A116 Para
Winans, Nicole 7273 A223 Teacher
Woods, Christina 7264 A103 Teacher

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