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New Haven High School Profile

About New Haven
Location: The city of New Haven is a suburban community located in northeast Indiana, three miles east of Fort Wayne. The city of New Haven has a population of 12, 405 people. The economic level tends to be middle class. New Haven has four shopping centers, 15 parks, seven schools, a growing number of housing developments and the following industries:

Leading Industries:
Do It Best Corporation
Dana Corporation
Lincoln National Corporation
ITT Aerospace
Parker Hannifin Corporation

About New Haven High School
Enrollment (As of 9/2009): 1016
Poverty Index (based on Free and Reduced Lunch): Estimated at 42%
Racial Distribution:
White: 79%
Black: 8%
Asian: 4%
Hispanic: 6%
Multiracial: 3%
North Central Association
PL 221 Compliant
High School Pupil/Teacher Staffing
Ratio: 28:1
Nickname: Bulldogs

Philosophy of New Haven High School

The focus of New Haven High School is maintained in educating the students to become skilled in comprehension, communication, problem-solving, decision-making and inter-relational dynamics. Students in the high school are provided a curriculum that will allow them to meet the highest established standards set by the State of Indiana for graduation through achieving the Indiana Academic Honors Diploma requirements, the CORE 40 requirements, or the Indiana High School Diploma requirements. Each curricular area maintains standards that support significant development of the skills necessary for future success.
New Haven High School is a Career Majors Academy, an initiative through the Indiana Department of Workforce Development that increases high school student motivation and achievement by helping them make the connection between what they are learning in school and their future opportunities. Three key concepts in the CMA are rigor, relevancy, and relationships. A primary emphasis of a Career Major Academy is to partner with area businesses to give students on-the-job internship experiences.
In order to ensure student success, we believe it is essential to have cooperation, and collaboration among parents, students, faculty and community. Through these partnerships, authentic expectations for our students can evolve.

Career Majors
Career Pathways are broad categories of related career opportunities. New Haven High School has identified four Career Majors that students may explore:
Arts, Education, and Human Services
Health and Related Sciences
Engineering and Technology
Career Majors are used to assist students with scheduling choices and career decisions.

Trimester Schedule
The trimester schedule consists of three twelve-week course blocks. Students attend five classes each day. Students have the opportunity to complete fifteen credits of course work in one school year. In most cases, one trimester is equivalent to one semester. Extended time courses complete two semesters’ worth of work over three trimesters. Mid-term reports are issued at six weeks and final grades at the end of the 12-week term.

Grading Scale (Teachers are required to use the approved EACS grading scale):
A+ 99-100% 12 C 76-80% 5
A 94-98% 11 C- 74-75% 4
A- 92-93% 10 D+ 72-73% 3
B+ 90-91% 9 D 67-71% 2
B 85-89% 8 D- 65-66% 1
B- 83-84% 7 F Below 64% 0
C+ 81-82% 6
*AP courses are weighted— AP English Literature, AP English Language & Composition, AP Calculus. IPFW dual credit college credits—Calculus, Statistics/Probability, Psychology, and Physics.
Grade Distribution (Class of 2009)
A = 15%
B = 38%
C = 40%
D = 5%

Academic Courses Offered
English 9,10,11,12
Honors English 9,10
AP English Literature, AP English Language & Comp.
Algebra I, II, Geometry, Stats/Prb, Pre-Calculus,
Calculus AP
Latin I-IV, French I-IV, Spanish I-III, AP Spanish
World History, US History, Government, Psychology, Economics, Sociology
Biology I, Biology II-Gen., Biology II-Anat/Phys., Chemistry I, II, Physics I, Earth/Space Science I, Integrated Chem/Physics
Project Lead The Way—Biomedical and Engineering

Enrollment (As of 9/2009)
Total 1016
Seniors 217
Juniors 296
Sophomores 248
Freshman 233

SAT Scores for Class of 2009— 113 took the test

Score Distribution Critical Reading Math
700’s 2 1
600’s 11 17
500’s 44 40
400’s 39 44
<400 8 11

SAT Mean
All Seniors Top 10%
C. Reading Math C. Reading Math

NHHS 492 501 550 570
Indiana 496 507 560 580
National 501 515 554 574

Graduation Rate for the class of 2008 according to the new state reporting procedure: 78.8%

Of the diploma recipients from the Class of 2009:
85% are continuing their education
59% are attending a four-year college
26% are attending a two-year or technical school
34% earned the Academic Honors Diploma
33% earned the Core 40 Diploma

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